Market Ambiences (Pseudo-Binaural Sound)

2 pseudo-binaural sound recordings from Brick Lane Market, London.

market-pseudo-binaural-sound coverimg

Today I have some pseudo-binaural sound recordings for you guys!

During my last visit to London (UK) I tried a new recording technique: I call it the “pseudo-binaural walk.” I attached my Uši Pro Omni-Mics to my Sennheiser HD-25 C headphones and walked across the “Brick Lane Market” in Tower Hamlets. I find the results quite interesting. But listen for yourself!

Equipment used:

  • Uši Pro

Please, check out the soundlist for details:

Market Ambiences – Soundlist (PDF)

Enjoy the sounds! 🙂


Cover image by Pedro Torres from Pixabay