Traffic & Pedestrian Sound Effects (London, UK)

The library includes traffic- & pedestrian recordings from Trafalgar Square London (UK).

traffic pedestrian sound effects (UK) image

In this library you’ll find traffic- and pedestrian sound effect. The library includes four recordings from Trafalgar Square London (UK).

I captured the sounds on my last weekend trip to London on a Saturday afternoon.

Equipment used:

  • Uši Pro (omni mics)
  • Zoom H4N Pro Handy recorder

Among the sounds you’ll find:

  • traffic sound effects (motorcycles, cars)
  • pedestrian sound effects (people talk, walk, yell)
  • church bell sound effects
  • fountain sound effects

Please, consider the soundlist for further details:

Trafalgar Square – soundlist (PDF)

Have a lot of fun with the sounds!



Cover image by jyst3260 on Pixabay