Gym Sound Effects

A unique library of 57 gym sound effects, recorded at "Berlin Strength" gym.

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Gym sound effects library

Enjoy this very unique free gym sound effects library. I recorded the sound effects together with two friends at Berlin Strength gym.

The location

Some years ago I went to train in this gym and I was impressed by the location and the equipment. The Berlin Strength gym is located on the RAW site in Berlin Friedrichshain, an alternative place where clubs, restaurants, bars and many artists are located. The gym is located in one of the old industrial halls and fits perfectly into its surroundings with its graffiti and paintings, even though it looks rather rough, cool and hard – compared to other buildings on the site…  just the way iron should be.

Recording the gym sound effects

When I recently passed the gym, I heard the squeaking, jingling and popping metal from the inside and remembered the time when I went there to train. It was immediately clear to me: I must have these sounds!!! I went straight in and made an appointment for a 1h recording session.
The following picture gives you an idea of the style of the gym from the inside. Pretty cool, hmm?
recording gym sound effects at berlin strength
Picture from the recording session at Berlin Strength gym.
The recording session was a bit bumpy at first. I had booked the gym exclusively to do my recordings together with my friends. But when we arrived, there were still several people training. At first I was a bit irritated, but then I thought: More people equals more sounds. So I just started and recorded everything I could record in the short time.
Among the sounds you can find:
  • sounds of adjusting weight benches
  • sound of someone making squats with chains
  • sound of an old metallic ergometer
  • sounds of metal weights
  • sound of someone making box jumps
Check out the soundlist, to see what sounds are included in this library: gym library soundlist (PDF)
Equipment used:
  • Zoom h4n Pro
  • Usi Pro
  • Rode NTG-2 shotgun mic
Have fun with this sounds! Phil