Marathon Sound Effects (Los Angeles)

56 sound effects from the marathon in Los Angeles 2020.


This sound library provides you with 56 unique sound effects from the marathon in Los Angeles 2020!!!

I did most of the recordings next to the finish line at Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica (see map below).

The download consists of 9 parts, packed as zip-files (roughly 2.7 GB in total).

All recordings are in high quality WAV 96 khz/24 Bit!

Equipment I used to record the sounds:

The sounds include:

  • lots of cheering crowds (screaming, shouting, fanfares, percussions, bells, clapping, whistling)
  • recording of the site street ambience (drones, helicopters, cars, pedestrians)
  • recordings from inside a public restroom (cheering fans in distance)

Please check the soundlist for further details:

Marathon Los Angeles 2020 – Soundlist

I hope you enjoy the sound effects of the Los Angeles marathon 2020!