How to credit

On this page you will learn when and how you have to credit yourfreesounds.

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Learn more about credit attribution below.

In case you want to use my sounds publicly, it is necessary to either buy one of my license keys or to credit me.


Some examples of public use would be:

– TV, Film and Radio shows/programs

– Games

– Software

– Music productions

– Online Videos (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo etc.)

– Commercials

– Podcasts

– Websites

– Blogs

– Presentations

– Live Shows

– Theatrical performances

– Conferences

– Exhibitions

In case you didn’t buy a license key you need to attribute yourfreesounds in the form of a credit/link back to this website.

You can pick one of the following examples:

-> “Sound effects obtained from

-> “Sound effects created by

-> “Sound effects from

Here is some further information on how to attribute in different scenarios:


Websites or blogs:

The attribution has to appear on the page where the sound is being played. Either beside, above or below. You can also put the attribution in the page footer.


Put the attribution on the credits page of the app. 

Social Networks:

The attribution has to be inserted on the text/description of the post where the sound appears. On Instagram it’s better to add “Sound effects created by @yourfreesounds”.

Podcast and Online Videos (YouTube, Vimeo etc.):

Place the attribution in the video or podcast description. On YouTube for example you can put it in the video description.

Online presentations:

In case it is an online presentation, place the attribution next to the presentation link.

SPECIAL CASE – TV, Film and Radio shows/programs, Music productions, Commercials, Offline Presentations, Live Shows, Theatrical performances, Conferences, Exhibitions:

Since none of these can link to a website, a backlink attribution is impossible (Should I be wrong with this thesis, please contact me!). I suggest you buy one of my super affordable license keys in this case. If you can’t purchase a license for any reason, contact me and suggest your idea of how you would like to credit me.