Footsteps in Abandoned Hospital Sound Effects

29 royalty free footsteps sound effects!

abandoned hospital horror footsteps sound effects coverimg

In this sound library you will find 29 royalty free footstep sound effects! The sounds were captured at an abandoned hospital in Berlin (inside and outside on the roof).

The following sounds are included:

footsteps on…

  • concrete
  • tiles
  • PVC floor
  • broken glass
  • debris
  • metal staircase and platform
  • on roofing felt

The sound list provides you with further details:

Steps Abandoned Building – sound list (PDF)

All files contain rich metadata and follow the Universal Category System standard.


  • tripod on the floor (foot height)


  • Abandoned Hospital (Berlin, Germany)

Equipment used:

  • Uši Pro (omnidirectional microphones)