The Berlin Sound Effects Library

This library contains 125 unique Berlin city sound effects.


Up for some Berlin sounds?

The “Berlin Sound Library” provides you with 125 unique city sound effects I recorded in Berlin, Germany! After the purchase you will receive a PDF document with the access data to the cloud, in which all sounds can be found and are available for download.

Here you can pre-listen all the sounds (in lower quality than in the library):

If you want to know more about the library, my blog article City sound effects: “The Berlin Sound Library” provides you with more details.

The library is located in the SYNC cloud. Please note that „The maximum transfer speed with Sync is 40 Megabits per second (5 Megabytes per second)…“ Source: What is the maximum transfer speed?

For more information on limits when using SYNC Cloud, please check the following link: General Limits when using Sync

Click on the following link to view/download the detailed soundlist: Berlin Sound Library – Soundlist (PDF)

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