Seabus Station (Turnstile Sound Effects)

Seabus Turnstile Sound Effects!


This week I’ve got some recordings from a Seabus Station, inlcuding some great turnstile sound effects!

I recorded the sounds at Lonsdale Quay and Waterfront Station in Vancouver, Canada!

You’ll find eleven high quality sound recordings of people walking through the turnstiles and passing through the gates at the stations. You can hear the rattling noises of the turnstiles, the honking of a seabus, lots of walla, rumbling, beeping, steps, roaring etc.

Equipment I used to record the sounds:

  • Uši Pro / Zoom H4n Pro

You need more information on the sounds? Please check the soundlist below:

SeabusStation – Soundlist (PDF)

Enjoy the sounds guys! 🙂



Cover image by Corey Ryan Hanson from Pixabay