Ice Hockey Crowd Sound Effects

This library contains 30 ice hockey crowd sound effects I recorded in September 2019 at Mercedes Benz Arena. Game: Berliner Eisbaeren vs Koelner Haie.

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Ice Hockey Crowd Sound Effects Library

In September 2019 I went to see the Ice Hockey match Berliner Eisbaeren vs. Koelner Haie at Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin Friedrichshain, together with my brother and two of our friends. Of course I had my Zoom H4n Pro with me to record some nice crowd sound effects, which you can find and download in this sound effects library.

Even though I’m not a fan myself and don’t know much about ice hockey, I found the game very exciting. The Berliner Eisbaeren were definitely the better team. They moved more and went hard into the duels. In the end, the game was decided for the Berliner Eisbaeren. They defeated Koelner Haie deservedly with a 3:2 after extra time.

Capturing The Crowd Sound Effects

Below you can see a picture I took during the game.
As you can see the Mercedes Benz Arena is packed to the top.

Recording ice hockey crowd sound effects at mercedes benz arena

I was sitting quite high up in the arena, holding my recorder into the masses. Luckily this was a top match and the high tension of the game can be heard in the sounds I recorded. The fans did a really good job here.

In this crwod sound effects library you’ll find:

  • drumming fans
  • singing fans (fanchants)
  • fans murmuring disappointed
  • whistling and booing fans
  • clapping fans

You can get a complete overview of the sounds in the list. Just click on the following link to open it:

icehockeycrowds_lib_soundlist (PDF)

In addition to the crowd sounds, I also captured some “walla” sound effects (people chatting) during the breaks and before the game at Mercedes Benz Arena. I remember a funny situation that happened while I was recording: When a fan saw my Zoom H4n Pro recorder with the deadcat (windjammer), he said to another fan: “Look, he brought his hamster with him! I really had to laugh! 😀 Such funny situations happen again and again. Especially children enjoy the device very much. They probably think it is a cute, cuddly toy. 😉

I wish you lots of fun with this 30 crowd sound effects in this library!


Used equipment:
Zoom H4n Pro

Please note that the download consists of three parts!