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Apple's MGIE AI Model: Revolutionary Photo Editing with Text Prompts - feat img

Apple’s MGIE AI Model: Revolutionary Photo Editing with Text Prompts

in Blogposts on 2024-02-10

Apple’s MGIE AI Model for Photo Editing Based on Text Prompts

Key Points:

– Apple’s Machine Generated Image Editing (MGIE) AI model can edit photos based on text prompts.
– The MGIE can apply different edits, such as cropping, resizing, and adding filters, to photos.
– The AI model is trained to understand natural language and translate it into specific photo editing tasks.
– Apple’s researchers used a dataset of 95,000 before-and-after images to train the MGIE model.
– The technology could be integrated into Apple’s Photos app or other photo editing software in the future.

Hot Take:

Apple’s MGIE AI model for photo editing based on text prompts is a game-changer for video creators and photographers. The ability to edit photos with natural language commands instead of manually adjusting settings saves time and adds a new level of convenience to the editing process. This innovation could revolutionize the way we approach photo editing.

Original article: https://www.videomaker.com/news/apples-mgie-ai-model-edits-images-based-on-text-prompts/

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