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Creamsource Expands Vortex Line: Introducing Three New Lights for Film and TV - feat img

Creamsource Expands Vortex Line: Introducing Three New Lights for Film and TV

in Blogposts on 2024-02-07

Creamsource Expands Vortex Line with Three New Lights

Key Points:

  • Creamsource has added three new lights to its Vortex line of professional film and TV lighting fixtures.
  • The new lights are the Vortex8, Vortex10, and Vortex12, each with a corresponding 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch lens.
  • The Vortex line now has a total of six lights, ranging from 150W to 1,200W.
  • All Vortex lights feature a unique reflector system that provides uniform illumination and eliminates hotspots.
  • The fixtures also have built-in wireless DMX and are IP65 rated for outdoor use.

What it Means for Video Creators:

Creamsource has expanded its Vortex line of film and TV lighting fixtures with three new additions. With a range of sizes and wattages, the Vortex line can now meet the needs of a wider variety of productions. The unique reflector system and wireless DMX make these lights easy to use and provide consistent, quality illumination. The addition of the Vortex8, Vortex10, and Vortex12 gives video creators more options to choose from when selecting the right lighting for their projects.


Creamsource’s expansion of the Vortex line is exciting news for video creators looking for high-quality lighting fixtures. With the addition of three new lights, the Vortex line now offers more options for different production needs. The unique features, such as the reflector system and wireless DMX, set these lights apart from competitors and make them a great investment for any production team.

Original article: https://www.videomaker.com/news/creamsource-expands-vortex-line/

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