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Nikon Z8 Firmware 2.00 Update: Enhanced AF, Low-Light Performance, and Video Recording - feat img

Nikon Z8 Firmware 2.00 Update: Enhanced AF, Low-Light Performance, and Video Recording

in Blogposts on 2024-02-10

Nikon Z8 Firmware 2.00 Update Takes Inspiration from Nikon Z9 and Zf

Key Points:

– Nikon has recently announced the release of the first significant firmware update for the Nikon Z8 full-frame mirrorless camera.
– This update aims to improve the camera’s performance, bringing it closer to the capabilities of the newer Nikon Z9 and Zf models.
– Some of the key features and improvements included in the firmware update are:
– Improved autofocus (AF) capabilities for portrait and macro photography.
– Enhanced human and animal eye detection capabilities during AF.
– Improved low-light AF performance.
– Increased buffer capacity for continuous shooting.
– The addition of new video recording options and settings.
– The firmware update can be downloaded for free from Nikon’s website.

Hot Take:

The Nikon Z8 is already a highly capable camera, and this firmware update makes it even better. By adding new and improved features, Nikon is showing its commitment to providing photographers and videographers with the best possible tools for their craft. The enhanced autofocus, low-light performance, and increased buffer capacity make the Z8 an even more versatile camera, while the new video recording options will appeal to content creators looking to push their creativity even further. Overall, the Nikon Z8 firmware 2.00 update is a welcome addition to an already excellent camera.

Original article: https://www.videomaker.com/news/nikon-z-8-firmware-2-00-update-borrows-from-nikon-z-9-and-z-f/

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