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in Audio Elements, Film and Video Glossary, Video Elements on 2023-02-12

The Bitrate is the to the number of bits of data transferred per second in a digital video or audio stream. The bitrate determines the quality and size of a video file. A higher bitrate results in a better quality video but also results in a larger file size. The bitrate can be adjusted to balance quality and file size, which is important for both storage and playback purposes.

In video production, the bitrate is an important factor in the encoding and compression of the final video product. A high bitrate is required to maintain the quality of high-resolution video, while a lower bitrate is acceptable for smaller resolution or lower quality video. The bitrate should be set high enough to preserve the quality of the video, but not so high that it becomes unnecessarily large and difficult to store or distribute.

In summary, bitrate is a measure of the quantity of information being transmitted in a digital video or audio stream, which affects the file size and quality of the video.

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