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in Film and Video Glossary, Production Stages on 2023-02-04

Dailies are daily edited footage from film or video productions. They allow the director, cinematographer, and editor to assess and evaluate the footage, making necessary adjustments for the next day of shooting. The creative team uses dailies to ensure they remain on track with their vision and that the footage meets technical requirements.

During dailies review, filmmakers may identify lighting problems, improper camera placement, or other technical mistakes. They quickly address these issues to guarantee a successful final product. Dailies also provide an opportunity for the creative team to fine-tune their vision, ensuring the footage meets their standards.

In post-production, dailies play a crucial role in creating the rough cut of the film or video. The rough cut acts as the foundation for the final edit and helps the editor make decisions on pacing, story structure, and other important elements.

Dailies are a vital part of the production process, emphasizing the importance of ongoing review and assessment. They ensure the production stays on track and meets both creative and technical requirements. The consistent use of dailies throughout the production process ultimately leads to a successful final product.

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