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in Camera, Light & Sound Equipment, Film and Video Glossary on 2023-02-14

A Monopod is a single-legged support device that helps stabilize a camera. It’s a lightweight and compact alternative to a tripod, and provides a quick and easy way to steady a camera while shooting stills or video.

Monopods offer more mobility and convenience than tripods, as they are easy to carry and set up. They are ideal for photographers, cinematographers and videographers who need to capture shots on the go, and also provide an extra level of support for heavy cameras and lenses. When using a monopod, the photographer typically holds the camera in one hand and rests the monopod on the ground, providing support and stability.

One of the main benefits of a monopod is that it allows the user to maintain a more natural and comfortable shooting position, reducing fatigue and enabling them to move quickly. It’s also a useful tool for shooting in tight spaces where a tripod might not fit. Additionally, monopods can be used in conjunction with other support equipment, such as a tripod head, for even more stability.

When selecting a monopod, consider the weight and size of your camera and lens, and choose a monopod that can support the weight. Look for a monopod with a sturdy construction and a comfortable grip, and make sure it’s compatible with your camera’s tripod mount.

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