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Shoulder Rig

in Camera, Light & Sound Equipment, Film and Video Glossary on 2023-02-14

A shoulder rig is a support system for cameras and camcorders used in film and video production. It consists of a shoulder pad that rests on the operator‘s shoulder, and a series of rods and brackets that support the camera and allow it to be positioned for stable shooting.

A shoulder rig distributes the weight of the camera evenly, reducing fatigue during extended shoots. It also provides greater stability than handheld shooting, making it easier to achieve smooth, professional-looking shots. Some shoulder rigs also feature adjustable grips, counterweights, and other accessories to further customize the setup for comfort and performance.

In addition to improving stability and comfort, shoulder rigs can also enhance creative control by allowing the operator to move the camera smoothly and precisely. This can be especially useful for tracking shots and other dynamic camera movements.

When choosing a shoulder rig, it’s important to consider the weight and size of the camera, as well as the operator’s comfort and preference. Some shoulder rigs are specifically designed for specific camera models, while others are more universal and can accommodate a range of cameras and camcorders.

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