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VFX (Visual Effects)

in Film and Video Glossary, Post Production on 2023-02-06

“VFX (Visual Effects)” are the special effects added to a film or video during post-production to enhance the overall look and feel of the project. These effects range from simple enhancements like adding CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) elements to a scene, to more complex and realistic effects like explosions and flying objects.

VFX artists use computer software and animation techniques to create seamless and convincing effects that seamlessly integrate with live-action footage. The goal of VFX is to bring the director’s vision to life, and to create a more immersive and engaging experience for the audience.

One of the most common uses of VFX is to create fantastical creatures, environments, and situations that would be difficult or impossible to achieve in real life. For example, a VFX artist might add dragons to a medieval landscape, or create a futuristic cityscape filled with flying cars.

VFX also play a critical role in action scenes and stunts, allowing filmmakers to create exciting and dangerous sequences that would be too dangerous for actors to perform in real life. With VFX, filmmakers can create epic battles, massive explosions, and other visually stunning sequences that would be too costly or logistically challenging to achieve through practical means.

In post-production, VFX artists work closely with the director and editor to ensure that the visual effects match the story and style of the film. They use advanced computer software to composite elements into the live-action footage, and to tweak and refine the effects until they are seamless and believable.

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