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Progressive scan

in Film and Video Glossary, Video Elements on 2023-02-11

Progressive scan is a method of displaying video images in which every frame is displayed in a single sweep, as opposed to interlacing. Interlacing divides each frame into two separate fields that are displayed alternately, which can result in a lower quality image.

With progressive scan, each frame is displayed in full resolution, which results in a higher quality image with less flicker and less motion artifacts. The image is also smoother and has more consistent color and brightness. This method of scanning is the preferred method for high definition (HD) video and is commonly used in computer monitors and televisions.

In film and video production, progressive scan can be used in cameras, post-production software, and display devices. Progressive scan is also important for animation and visual effects, as it provides a more accurate representation of the images being produced.

Progressive scan, combined with a high frame rate, high resolution, and high bitrate, results in a high-quality video image. It is an important aspect of the technical side of filmmaking and video production.

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